Welcome at shell-code.com

If you came here – you are a programmer or you want to become one of us and I must admit that it’s a best hit! If you want to learn codding or expand your knowledge – I’m sure you’ll find something interesting for you.


Nowadays programming skills are becoming as important as reading and writing some time ago. It’s very difficult to find yourself in the modern world which depends on computers or technology without understanding how it works, how it can help us or make us harm.

This page was created to popularize programming skills for everyone. I believe that no matter what is your level, you’ll find something interesting.


A big part of this service is about embedded programming. This topic is one of the hardest because it requires interdisciplinary knowledge about electronics, programming and you have to face memory and computation limitations but if you succeed – then satisfaction will compensate for any inconvenience caused by stepped learn curve.

At shell-code.com we’ll try to show the basics and introduction to embedded world but not only. More complicated topics will be presented as well.

Programming – general

Because synergy of embedded and high-level programming shows it’s true power – the more general articles about programming will be presented. We want to cover mobile and cloud programming as well.