About me

The author

Hi there! On this page I want to tell something about my experience.

I’m an embedded developer with over 10 years of experience. In
the beginning, I was working just as a programmer. After some time I’ve become a team leader and I’ve started to be responsible for people and the project. Then I’ve realized that helping people to develop his programming skills, working with them, and watching how they grow made me satisfied.

Current situation in the world pushed me to watch at my career from another perspective and I’ve decided to start sharing my knowledge wider than only in my company and my team.

So here we are.

The experience

I’ve been a part of very interesting projects which showed me how the programming can change the world and make yesterday sci-fi into today’s reality.

The lifesaver

I’ve saved the numerous lives (the fish ones) working at the device mounted at hydroelectric installations. The device creates an electric field and emits fake boat engine noise to direct these small creatures into the fish pass instead of smushing-chopping power turbines.

The doctor

Automatic medical analyzer like Tricorder? Almost. But the laser-induced fluorescence spectroscopy is fair enough. Coding with laser safety glasses is a nice steppingstone but does not protect against the bugs. Unfortunately.

The sea wolf

I’ve created network software (the Linux based software gigabit manageable switch) which integrates numerous marine vessel subsystems to communicate with each other with the bewildering speed of … well … a 1 Gbps!

The other thing I’ve put my hands on was the navigation module used in the other marine vessels. It was screwed up and someone has to fix it.

The enemy of truck drivers

Automotive – the very “fashionable” topic. The autonomous vehicles – even more fashionable than the previous one. Yes. I’ve done some things which can cause the loss of the job by the truck drivers. I was working at an autonomous driving truck that was able to dock to the trailer, autonomously park or even avoid smashing people (as long as they obstruct the view of the camera).

The light in the tunnel

It’s not about the end. It’s about a smart lighting system that allows the street lamps to communicate with each other in a mesh network. This system allows to reduce the energy consumption and as the implication – limit the carbon dioxide footprint and as an even further implication – save the millions of lives by salving them against the suffocation in the polluted atmosphere.

Stars are the limit

In this case, it is indeed. If we do not count playing with wax and oxygen in my friend’s garage in a trial of a small home-made hybrid-propellant rocket engine. Did you know how to raise the temperature over a dozen Celcius degrees in seconds? I know, but this is another story.